How to distinguish the quality of dust filter bags?

How to distinguish the quality of dust filter bags?

How to test the quality of the dust bag? In the process of running the bag dust collector will be used in the dust bag more or less will appear broken bag phenomenon, will be filtering dust in the dust containing waste gas part of the dust particles overflow.

How to determine the good and bad of the dust bag?

Of course in the bag breakage detection instrument is easy to find, but Hengke here is to suggest you in this bag filter operation before, choose good quality dust bag, in the bag maintenance to do, then how to correctly select the dust bag, how to do a good job of bag maintenance, these for improving the service life of the dust bag is quite large.

How to distinguish the quality of dust filter bags?

How to distinguish the quality of dust filter bags
A more common acrylic filter bag

Let’s not talk about what this bag filter model used, let’s talk about the considerations in the selection of this dust bag, so as to select a good dust bag. So when choosing, we have to look at what aspects of the bag filter bag? This has to start from the choice of bag filter media.

The so-called selection of filter media, to see whether its performance to meet the needs of dust emission, is not to meet the long time dust removal, in the filtration of industrial gases is not able to adapt to high-temperature gas, for flammable and explosive dust particles of dust collection effect; in general, is based on the requirements of the working conditions to choose its specifications.

In fact, the specifications and materials are mostly judged in the same way. There are many types of dust collector filter bags, so we need to determine the type of dust collector bags, and then calculate the size of dust collector filter bags needed according to the working conditions given by customers.

What are the general categories of dust collector filter bags?

There are three major categories according to the major categories, which are high temperature resistant dust bag, medium temperature dust bag and normal temperature dust bag. Each of these major categories of dust bags contains many sub-categories.

What are the materials used for bags?

Dust collector bags are made of synthetic fiber, natural fiber or glass fiber woven into cloth or felt. The cloth or felt is then sewn into cylindrical or flat filter bags as needed. Depending on the nature of the flue gas, the filter media is selected to suit the application conditions. Usually, in the case of flue gas temperature lower than 120 ℃, the requirement of filter media with acid resistance and durability, often choose polyester flannel and polyester needle felt;

In dealing with high-temperature flue gas (<250 ℃), the main choice of graphitized glass fiber cloth; in some special cases, the choice of carbon fiber filter media. Bag filter operation to control the speed of the flue gas through the filter media (called filtration speed) is quite important. Generally take the filtration speed of 0.5-2 m/min, for particles larger than 0.1um efficiency can reach more than 99%, the equipment resistance loss is about 980-I470Pa.

How to judge the good and bad of dust bag?

Dust collector bags are made of textile filter cloth and non-textile felt, using the filtering effect of fiber fabric to filter the dust-containing gas. In which industries are dust filter bags generally used? Filter bags are generally used in the flue gas treatment dust removal systems of iron smelters, steel mills, ferroalloy plants, refractory plants, foundries, power plants, etc.

Waste incinerator, coal-fired boiler, fluidized bed boiler, etc. flue gas filtration. Asphalt concrete mixing, building materials, cement ceramics, lime, gypsum and other production sites. Smelting flue gas filtration of aluminum electrolysis, lead, tin, zinc, copper and other rare metals, microfine material recovery, liquid and solid separation. Liquid-solid separation and microfine material recovery in chemical, coke, carbon black, dyestuff, pharmaceutical, plastic and other fields. Dust management and purification collection in mining, grain processing, flour, electronics industry, wood processing, etc.

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