Analysis of the factors influencing filtration of dust filter bags. | Updated for 2021

Analysis of the factors influencing filtration of dust filter bags.

The dust removal efficiency of dust filter bag can be as high as 99.99%, so this high efficiency makes it top in the dust removal industry. Reasonable design, accurate production and correct installation, etc., are the basic requirements to ensure its efficiency, but not to do these can be worry-free dust filter bag efficiency, because in use, there will be some factors affecting its efficiency, for example, the flue gas temperature, humidity is a factor affecting its efficiency, specifically as follows.

1, The temperature and humidity of the flue gas, if the flue gas contains a lot of moisture, or flue gas temperature down to the dew point or close to the dew point, moisture is easy to condense on the dust filter bag, condensation is not suitable to fall off, usually resulting in dust filter bag mesh is blocked, so that the dust can not continue, therefore, if necessary, the gas pipeline and dust collector shell insulation, to minimize air leakage, to ensure that the flue gas temperature is higher than the dew point 15 ℃ or more.

factors influencing filtration


2, The dust content of flue gas and filtration speed, the filtration wind speed of flue gas is generally 0.5 ~ 3 m/min, it will vary with the dust concentration; when the filtration wind speed is certain, the dust concentration increases, so that the dust settling on the dust filter bag per unit time increases, the filtration resistance will increase; if the dust concentration is certain, the filtration wind speed is large, the amount of dust settling on the dust filter bag per unit time will also increase If both increase, the filtration resistance will increase even more, the reason can be seen that the improper filtration air speed will affect the filtration efficiency of the dust filter bag.

3, Dust filter bag cleaning cycle, if the frequent dust cleaning, easy to damage the dust filter bag, which will not only affect the dust filter bag dust efficiency, but also cause it to shorten its service life; on the contrary, if the dust cleaning cycle is shortened, it will cause the dust filter bag dust layer to accumulate thicker and thicker, so that its dust filter efficiency decreases, so a reasonable dust cleaning cycle is to ensure that the dust filter bag dust efficiency points.

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The high efficiency dust filtering rate of dust filter bags is the reason why they are so popular, so attention should be paid to the factors that affect the dust filtering rate of dust filter bags in order to avoid them, so as not to affect the use.

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