Polyester (PET/PE/PES) filter bag is the main filter material of bag filter ,and it’s the most cost-effective medium at low temperature.

Hengke uses the world-class nonwoven needle punching technology to carve and lay polyester staple fibers, and then needle punch the finely woven fabric and evenly distributed fabric into felt. The filter medium has high strength, good resilience, stable fabric size, good abrasion resistance, large porosity, good air permeability, long service life, and good dust removal and filtering effect. It has good mechanical, acid and alkali resistance below 130°C.

Compared with ordinary woven filters, polyester needle punched dust filter bags have the following advantages:

1. Large porosity and good air permeability improve the carrying capacity of the equipment and reduce pressure and energy consumption.
2. High dust removal efficiency and low emission. The experimental results show that the efficiency of filtering 325 mesh talcum powder (diameter 7.5um) can reach 99.9-99.99%, and the gas emission is much lower than the national standard.
3. Through heat setting, firing, and PTFE film polishing surface treatment.
Smooth surface and easy cake release, the service life is usually 1~5 times of woven filter cloth.
4. Good chemical stability, not only excellent in high temperature gas filtration, but also suitable for acids and alkalis, including corrosive gases.

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    It is mixed with about 5% of conductive fiber into polyester fiber. The needle punching reinforcement technology has excellent antistatic effect, and it can endure all kinds of dyeing, finishing and washing, and antistatic performance is effective for a long time. After a certain degree of concentration of industrial dust (that is, the limit of explosion), such as the spark of electrostatic discharge or the ignition of the outside, it is very easy to cause the explosion and fire.

    Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, pulverized coal dust and so on in the case of electrostatic discharge are likely to explode. In the field of bag type dust removal, such as these dust needs to be collected with cloth bags, the filter material of the dust bag bag is required to have the anti static performance.

    Machining postprocessing: calendering singeing, high temperature setting, water and oil repellent, anti-static, PTFE coating, emulsion, surface coating.

    This filter features: the filter material contains the properties of ordinary polyester felt, high strength, good elasticity, fabric size stability, good abrasion resistance, high porosity, good air permeability, long service life, good dedusting effect, at room temperature (below 130 DEG C) under mechanical properties and good resistance to acid and alkali the. Because the base cloth contains conductive fiber, it has good electrical conductivity.

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      Polyester anti-static bag is made of striped fabric and conductive fiber-containing polyester fiber through acupuncture process. It has an excellent anti-static filter material function, an explosion-proof bag dust removal function, can withstand various dyeing and washing, and has anti-static properties. Effective for a long time. After a certain degree of industrial dust concentration (ie explosive limit), such as static sparks or external ignition, it is easy to cause explosions and fires. Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. are likely to explode under static discharge. In the field of bag dust removal, for example, these dusts need to be collected in cloth bags. Therefore, the filter material of the dust bag bag needs to have antistatic properties.

      Machining post-processing: calendering and singeing, high temperature setting, water and oil repellent, antistatic, PTFE coating, emulsion, surface coating.

      The filter material has the characteristics of ordinary polyester felt, good conductivity,high strength, good elasticity, stable fabric size, good abrasion resistance, high porosity, good air permeability, long service life, and good dust removal effect. At room temperature (below 130℃) in terms of mechanical properties and good acid and alkali resistance.

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        working fluid impregnant prepared by mixing reactive fluoride additives. The reaction between working fluid and filter material is caused by the macromolecular structure of certain groups in the fiber, the formation of macromolecular chains, and the characteristics of the fiber and water. The change caused by the oil reduces the tension of the surface filter material to less than the surface tension of water and oil to achieve the purpose of oil displacement. After various filter materials are treated with insect repellent, they are blocked around the surface molecules of the fiber, which can prevent water and various oils from penetrating the echo. The waterproof level is above 5, which can effectively reduce dust deposition/agglomeration and prevent paste The bag phenomenon ensures the safety of the dust collector.

        High-strength, low-elasticity industrial yarn is used as the base fabric to greatly increase the strength. Fine-denier fibers, narrow pore size, high porosity and high filtration accuracy are selected to optimize the hydrolysis of acids and alkalis. The surface treatment is smoother and has a surface coating. The filtering effect of the filter material has low resistance and saves energy.

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          The polyester ePTFE membrane filter bag adopts the non-woven needle punching process, and is made into a smooth surface and chemical resistance through heat setting and other surface treatments. The PTFE is laminated to the surface of the ordinary filter material to filter the dust on the surface of the membrane. To achieve high-efficiency surface filtration, this filter medium has excellent chemical stability, excellent anti-aging and waterproof properties, and improves the service life of the filter bag.

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            In the operation of the bag dust collector, the gas dust contains a large amount of moisture and oil, as well as moisture absorption and deliquescent dust. Although the collection efficiency is higher, the adhesion of the dust can be increased by generating a water or oil film on the dust surface, but It also makes it difficult to release the cake, especially under high temperature and high humidity, due to the cooling effect of external air and condensation. It will scale the surface of the filter bag and even block it, but it will corrode the material structure, increase the working resistance of the collector, and directly affect the filter bag filter. Due to this application, we tried to make some improvements to adapt ordinary filter materials to special working conditions, prevent or reduce dust bags, and extend the service life and work efficiency of the filter materials.

            Generally, a certain proportion of industrial dust can easily cause explosions and fires (ie, explosion limits), such as static sparks or external ignition.

            In addition to the production process of ordinary needle-punched felt, the production of anti-static filter cloth also needs to be transformed into a mixture of warp yarn or chemical fiber and conductive fiber or conductive material in the production of the basic scrim of needle-punched felt. Various types of anti-static filter media produced by us are of first-rate quality.

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              Acrylic (ePTFE membrane) needle punched dust filter bag is made of high quality fine denier fiber yarn. It is produced by advanced imported equipment, mixing fibers in certain textile, finishes with various processing to improve filtration and quality.

              When temperature lower than 140 DEG C, shows the organic solvents, oxidizing agent, inorganic and organic acid has good resistance, and therefore not hydrolysis, chemical corrosion and wet situations can be used to replace the polyester in low temperature.

              In same working condition, the filtration efficiency of acrylic PTFE membrane is twice than ordinary filter bag, and the service lifetime is prolonged by 4/5, and the cake release efficiency is increased by 86%.

              Processing postprocessing: high temperature setting, singeing and calendering, water and oil repellent, anti-static, PTFE coating, emulsion, surface coating

              The filter product features: corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrolysis resistance, good temperature resistance, high tensile strength, stable fabric size, good abrasion resistance, good porosity, good air permeability and long service life.

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                The continuous working temperature of polyester needle felt can withstanding 130 degrees. If working in temperature exceeds 130 C, it will lose in strength and lead to shrink, which will make the size of the filter bag change, and further affect the filtration effect.

                HK using special weaving technology in Milter needlefelt production, fiberglass scrim with high-quality polyester (PET), PPS, acrylic surface layer, which has high breaking strength, breaking elongation, low thermal shrinkage, moderate temperature resistant characteristics, which able to meet the working temperature at 150 DEG ~170 DEG. Milter filter bag have excellent effective on the moderate temperature and can reduce the operating cost to a great extent.

                This filter features: the filter material of high strength, good elasticity, fabric size stability, good abrasion resistance, high porosity, good air permeability, long service life, good dedusting effect, at room temperature (lower than 170 DEG C) under mechanical properties and good resistance to acid and alkali.

                Processing postprocessing: high temperature setting, singeing and calendering, water and oil repellent, anti-static, PTFE coating, dipping, surface coating.

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                  Glass fiber needled felt is a kind of high temperature resistant filter material with reasonable structure and excellent performance. It has the advantages of glass fiber fabrics, such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, low elongation and shrinkage, ultra-high strength, single fine fiber, three-dimensional porous structure, high porosity, and low gas filtration resistance.

                  A high-speed, high-efficiency, high-temperature filter material. Compared with other high temperature resistant fiber felts, it has the characteristics of high cost-effectiveness and high temperature resistance.

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                    Most aramid (Kevlar 1313) and PSA high temperature filtration field, the main domestic and foreign products are Nomex (DuPont), Conex (Japan Teijin), Thailand Meida R (Yantai Taihe), the supply of raw materials is sufficient. High-temperature filter materials (including filament cloth, filament interwoven cloth, staple fiber filter cloth, needle punched cloth) are ideal fiber materials for needle punching. Aramid 1313 has excellent temperature resistance, flame retardancy and chemical resistance, and is widely used. Our company can produce customized products to meet customer needs or conventional, including aramid needled felt and glass fiber/PTFE/aramid Guanji aramid composite felt, etc.

                    Compared with the blended chemical fiber filter bag, it has the advantages of high temperature resistance, and overcomes the shortcomings of long chemical fiber filter material, large deformation, low temperature resistance and poor corrosion resistance. The size and strength stability are good, and the price is lower than other high temperature resistant chemical fibers.

                    Facts have proved that Metamax (Aramid / Nomex) filter bags can be used for the entire high temperature filtration, and temporarily can be used to maintain high strength and high wear resistance. It is widely used in asphalt, lime, steel, non-ferrous metals, lime, dust, metallurgy, drying, gravel, plaster, plastic, carbon black, coke, etc.

                    The filter medium of the aramid dust collector is resistant to high temperature, has a long service life, and has different surface finishes after surface treatment. It has the advantages of easy cleaning, water and oil repellent, and antistatic. It is suitable for 200℃~300℃. C product list. It is the best filter medium choice for pulse bag filter.

                    1. Excellent temperature resistance: working temperature is 204 C (instant temperature is 250 degrees Celsius), can withstand repeated temperatures of 250 degrees Celsius.

                    2. At a temperature of 250°C, the scale exfoliation rate is less than 1%, and it has excellent stability at high temperatures.

                    3. Excellent chemical resistance: low concentrations of acids and alkalis and most hydrocarbons will not affect it, even a small amount of fluoride will not corrode. It is one of the accessories of asphalt concrete mixing plant.

                    4. Fire resistance: It can be differentiated and carbonized at 400 degrees Celsius, with a limiting oxygen index (LOI) of 30, no spontaneous combustion and no combustion.

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                      PPS is called polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) in Chinese. The fiber raw material of the PPS needle punched filter felt produced by our company comes from fiber
                      Procon (Toyobo), Torcon, Celanese, Fortron & reg (Toray) and PPS fiber (Sichuan Deyang Polytron Technologies Inc) and other well-known companies at home and abroad, this product has excellent thermal stability and flame retardancy, melting point of 285 ℃, resistance to many Acid and alkali, can be used in humid, high temperature and chemical atmosphere. PPS has special requirements for the oxygen content in the filtered gas, and it is also closely related to the use of temperature. It is widely used in coal-fired power plants, municipal solid waste incineration, metal smelting, chemical industry and other low-oxidation soot dust removal.

                      A survey of the Chinese market found that due to the tension of coal, many power plants are using coal with high sulfur content, and even mixed coal in some applications, and due to the heavy boiler load, the flue gas emission characteristics have become very difficult. complex. In order to overcome this situation, we have adopted several high-performance fibers, adopted scientific compounding methods, and adopted special post-treatment measures to make the filter material have excellent performance. In order to improve the filtration accuracy and increase the filtration resistance, we divide the entire filter medium into several filter layers with different densities and different thick and thin fibers to make the filter medium have a gradient structure, make the filter cake easy to release, and protect the filter medium. When the sulfur content in the flue gas increases, METAMAX, PPS, P84, and glass fibers will be damaged. In order to protect these fibers, we have performed PTFE emulsion penetration treatment on the coated filter material, and each fiber looks like Coating with a layer of coating. The protective film PTFE is not affected by acid corrosion. Under the full protection of the filter, it can also prevent hydrolysis, and will not increase any surface resistance of the filter medium, saving costs.

                      1. The working temperature is 170, the instantaneous working temperature is 232, the melting point is 285, and the limiting oxygen index is 34~35.

                      2. The oxygen content can be used at 15% or less.

                      3. The sulfur-containing oxides in the fuel or flue gas have excellent resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, and have strong chemical resistance.

                      4. Moisture in the flue.

                      5. The temperature is 190~232 degrees, the gas is even as high as 5:1 for online cleaning, and the gas ratio is 6:1 for offline cleaning, PPS filter bag has excellent performance. PPS fiber has excellent thermoplasticity, and PPS filter bags can be made into hot melt bags.

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                        Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a special polymer material with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It was originally developed by DuPont in the United States. It is called polytetrafluoroethylene, commonly known as polytetrafluoroethylene fiber PTFE. The fluorine fiber filter felt produced by the bonding process uses DuPont, Lenzing and Toray PTFE fibers as raw materials. It can also be mixed with glass fiber to make a more reasonable cost-effective filter. It is a unique material made of dust bag. It can withstand acid and alkali corrosion of 240 degrees within a pH range of 260 degrees.
                        Post-processing: high temperature setting, singeing and calendering, water and oil repellent, antistatic, PTFE coating, emulsion, surface coating.

                        Features of filtration products:
                        1. The suitable temperature is from -210 to 265 degrees
                        2. Strong acid and strong base PH 0-14
                        3. Excellent self-predictability, does not absorb moisture and ultraviolet rays
                        4. The wear resistance of the PTFE fiber filter material is general, and the filter bag frame has strict requirements for smoothness.
                        5. Good flame retardancy and heat resistance.
                        6. High hydrophobicity and self-cleaning ability.
                        7. Anti-aging, no pollution.

                        Fabric: PTFE short fiber (100% PTFE. When processing, more than 62 stitches per square centimeter, use antistatic agent, and use all steel equipment, and ensure that there is a grounding device. + 100% PTFE scrim is made of 500dtex Into) filament fiber (monofilament), the fabric is plain weave.

                        For example: 10cm to 140, weft direction 140/10cm (140/m), the warp and weft strength of the fabric can exceed 1000N, and the chemical stability of PTFE is the best among all filter media.


                        1. Reduce mechanical damage during use and storage, such as shearing and stretching.
                        2. Pay attention to eliminate static electricity of the product.
                        Bag style: external interface, a round flange
                        Bag: hot melt, seam
                        Bag tail: round bottom, oval bottom, bottom of new bag
                        *Style size can be customized according to needs

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                          The P84 needle felt produced by our company is made of polyimide fiber P84 produced by Lenzing Inspec Fiber in Austria, similar products and French kernel fiber. P84 fiber filter material has no melting point temperature and is naturally golden yellow. Fiber filter P84 polyimide fiber filter does not absorb moisture (at a relative humidity of 65%, the amount of water is about 3%).
                          The material has excellent high temperature resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. It is a high-temperature-resistant synthetic fiber and is not resistant to hydrolysis. Its cross section is trilobal. As the surface area of ​​a single fiber increases, the effectively trapped particles are non-thermoplastic fibers, and the abrasion resistance of glass fibers is higher than that of pulse ash. The glass fiber can be replaced under wear-resistant conditions.

                          The P84 dust bag has always been one of the high-priced dust bag in the high temperature dust bag, but the use of the P84 dust bag will obtain a good dust removal effect. It is usually used under harsh conditions of high temperature corrosion.

                          Post-processing treatment: high temperature setting, singeing and calendering, water and oil repellent, antistatic, PTFE coating, emulsion, surface coating.

                          The P-84 filter has the following three distinctive features, such as bellows:

                          1. High temperature resistance
                          The working temperature can withstand 260 degrees Celsius, and there is a safe space to deal with interruptions and accidents.

                          2. Good chemical resistance
                          In the past ten years, waste incineration operations have confirmed the filtration value of P84 filter bags for acid exhaust gas and alkaline dust.

                          3. Low reverse pressure and high efficiency of projectile mud cake removal.
                          Due to the fineness of the fiber itself and the irregular fiber cross-section, the characteristics of P84 are very significant, which increases the surface area of ​​the fiber to the maximum and provides many pores, making surface filtration better than deep filtration. Dust only stays on the surface of the filter cloth felt and cannot penetrate into the filter cloth. Therefore, the backwash pressure is small, which significantly improves the release efficiency of the filter cake, with excellent collection efficiency and low working pressure.

                          For a long time, it has been used in asphalt plants, cement plants, garbage incinerators, liquid boilers, coal-fired boilers, etc.


                          1. Before entering the filter bag, the best desulfurization treatment should be carried out.
                          2. The content of nitrogen and oxygen compounds NOx<600mg/Nm3;
                          3. Sulfur oxide SOx content <600mg / Nm3;
                          4. Oxygen content O2 <22%, water content H2O <35%.
                          Bag style: external interface, a round flange
                          Bag: hot melt, seam
                          Bag tail: round bottom, oval bottom, bottom of new bag

                          *Style size can be customized according to needs.

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                            Material: Polyester, the breathable layer of our company is made of large chemical fiber, new fiber woven; temperature resistance 150℃;
                            Specification: 4kg/㎡±5%; thickness 6mm±5%, other thicknesses can also be customized;


                            1. The cloth pattern is clear, flat, stable in size, and not deformed;
                            2. Good air permeability, uniform and stable air flow;
                            3. Heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance;
                            4. Low energy consumption, long life, and minimal maintenance;


                            It is used in the air conveying chute of the cement and building materials industry, the air-permeable layer of the air conveying chute, the inflatable box and the bottom of the silo, the pneumatic lift pump, the bulk cement transporter, the bulk cement transporter, etc., also called the chute Canvas, air chute breathable layer, canvas conveyor belt, cement bulk machine breathable layer, inflatable box breathable layer, chute cloth, breathable plate, breathable belt, etc. Can improve conveying efficiency.

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                              The bag cage is an essential part of the bag dust collector. It is used as the keel to support the dust bag. It can be divided into six, eight, ten, twelve, sixteen, eighteen, twenty, twenty-four. It is widely used in dust removal industry, metallurgy, building materials, power generation, chemical industry, food, waste incinerator, coal mine, non-ferrous smelting and other industries.

                              According to the material: Bage cage can be classified as Carbon (plastic spray) steel , galvanized steel (Q235) and Stainless steel(201 or 304).

                              The bag cage has a reasonable structure such as multi-section, venturi or protective short tube, down-discharge type, plug-in type and chuck type. The surface is galvanized, sprayed, silicone sprayed, etc. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance. The surface organic silicon coating is especially suitable for corrosive dust.

                              The fabric and design of the stainless steel dust bag cage should strive for efficient filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effect. The selection of stainless steel dust bag is very important, it directly affects the dust removal effect of the dust collector, and the selection of stainless steel dust bag is from the following aspects Selection: gas temperature, humidity and chemistry, particle size, dust concentration, filtration wind speed, dust removal method and other factors.

                              Manufacturing technical requirements for stainless steel dust bag cage:

                              1.The bag cage with a length of 2~6m should use a steel wire of Φ3mm~4mm, and the diameter of the steel wire used for the support ring should be larger than the diameter of the longitudinal steel wire.

                              2.Stainless steel dust removal bag cage used for synthetic fiber needle felt filter bags, the spacing between the longitudinal ribs is ≤40mm; the bag cage used for glass fiber filter bags, the spacing between the longitudinal ribs is ≤20mm.

                              3.Envelope-shaped and flat-shaped bag cages have vertical wire spacing ≤50mm, and horizontal wire spacing ≤100mm.

                              4. The spacing of the support ring of the stainless steel dust bag cage should be determined according to the diameter of the bag cage.

                              5. The diameter tolerance of the circular bag cage should be a negative tolerance ≤ 1%.

                              6, The end face size of the flat bag cage should take a negative tolerance and should not be greater than 1% of its circumference.

                              7.The length tolerance of the stainless steel dust bag cage should be a negative tolerance ≤ 2‰.

                              8. The vertical tolerance of the stainless steel dust bag cage should not be greater than 2‰.

                              9.The welding of the stainless steel dust bag cage should be reliable: no desoldering, false welding and missing welding; the surface should be smooth and clean; no unevenness and burrs.

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                                Post-treatment Process


                                HK has a 12,000,000 square meters of scale, there’re more than 60 machines imported from Germany and imported Stretch setting machine:German Dornier loom, italian picanol loom, opening machine,pneumatic cotton box,domestic widest 4.6 m looms,Rapier loom ,etc.