Industrial dust filter bag is the key part of the bag filter operation process. Industrial dust filter bag has the characteristics of high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, wear resistance, folding resistance, easy to clean ash, water and oil resistance, anti-static, etc.
Dust filter bag refers to the cloth bag supporting in dust collector. In the production process of thermal power generation, iron and steel, coking, non-ferrous smelting and cement industries, a large amount of dust is generated, thus causing serious pollution to the environment, so countries have set strict requirements for the atmospheric emissions of such enterprises, and bag filter is an ideal dust removal method widely used.
The dust bag (dust filter bag) is called the heart of the bag filter, which plays a very important role for the dust removal effect It plays a very important role in dust removal. The dust removal efficiency is 99.999%.
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FiberGlass Filter Bag
Fiberglass filter bag is a reasonable structure, better performance of the filter material, the filter bag not only has the glass fiber fabric high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, elongation and shrinkage rate is very small, the advantages of high strength, and felt layer fibers are single fiber, three-dimensional microporous structure, high porosity.
Compared with other high temperature resistant chemical fiber felt filter bag, it has a low price. The special advantages of higher temperature resistance, but its operating resistance is higher than the general chemical fiber high temperature filter material.
Glass fiber dust bag is a glass fiber fabric with special weaving and surface treatment, which is more ideal for high temperature, medium temperature, low temperature and humidity filter material, sewn into various specifications of filter bags.

P84 Filter Bag

P84® (Polyimide) filter bag normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 500 °F. Common applications for P84 Filter Bag include: smelters, dryers, coal-fired boilers, incinerators, kilns, and calciners. P-84 is nonflammable and not hydroscopic.

P84 Filter Bag offers extended bag life in low pH applications and helps reduce differential pressure across the baghouse. The P84 Filter Bag operates well in heat applications, against acid attacks and is immune to flex abrasion. Alkaline should be avoided at high temperatures when using this media.

Aramid/Nomex Filter Bag

Aramid/Nomex Filter Bag normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 375 °F. General applications for Aramid/Nomex Filter Bag include: Highly abrasive dust applications, discharge furnaces, heat dryers, Cupolas, and chemical applications where high temperatures exist.

Aramid offers an honest resistance to alkalies under most condition. Most mineral oxides cause degradation and partial decomposition. Aramid withstands common organic solvents alright. Some phenolic compounds cause solubility.

PPS Filter Bag

PPS (Polyphenylene Sulfide) (Commonly known brands: Ryton® or Procon®) Normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 375 °F. PPS filter bag common applications include: Coal-fired boilers, Incinerators, Fluidized bed systems, cement mills, oil and gas firings, asphalt plants and pulverized coal injection systems.
Ryton® has excellent resistance to both acids and alkalis. The media also has the power to work effectively on applications with O₂ content up to 9%. Ryton® works well in high moisture content applications and where temperature crossings are common. PPS filter bag is fitted to applications where emissions standards are tight.

Polyester filter bag

Polyester filter bag normal maximum continuous operating temperature is 275 °F. Polyester felts offer excellent resistance to chemicals, abrasion, and dry heat degradation. Polyester filter bag provide excellent dimensional stability and are the foremost common sort of filter bag used today. Polyester are good for dry heat applications and are superior to other synthetics with the exception of Nomex® (Aramid) and Teflon® during this regard. Polyester isn’t an honest choice for moist heat and subject to hydrolytic degradation under certain circumstances.

Polyester offers good resistance to most mineral and organic acids except high concentration of nitric, sulfuric, and carbolic acids. it’s good resistance to weak alkalis and moderate resistance to strong alkalis at coldness. Polyester also has good resistance to most oxidizing agents and excellent to most organic solvents. It’s not recommended for a few phenolic compounds. Not recommend for top concentration of strong alkalis at high temperatures.

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