Technology is Here to Stay

In order to better serve the nine cement projects of the “Belt and Road” of the HONGSHI Group, the quality department of the HONGSHI Cement Group ensures the quality of the supply of filter bags for the three overseas projects in Indonesia and Myanmar. The bag supplier conducted surprise inspections and investigations. On the morning of July 12, 2019, the quality department of HONGSHI Cement Group visited Hangzhou Hengke and the three factories of Hengze, Deweide, and Haokai, which are the shareholders, to conduct on-site investigations on safety production, quality inspection, and on-site management and check.

The leaders of the quality department of HONGSHI Cement Group first went to Hengze, whose main products are 10mg filter bags at room temperature and high-temperature needle felts such as P84 and aramid. Detailed inquiries and records were made on the origin of raw materials, specifications and models, and the process flow of filter bag sewing.

Then he went to the Hao Kai factory for investigation. The quality department of Red Lion Cement Group conducted investigations on high-temperature 10mg glass fiber filter bags, from glass fiber expansion, twisting, to weaving, and inquired in detail about the difference between woven filter materials and needle-punched filter materials, and carefully checked and compared them. Formosa Plastics and Taishan two kinds of glass fiber raw materials, at the high temperature 10mg filter bag sewing site, the sewing process of the normal temperature 10mg filter bag and the high temperature 10mg filter bag, the different rubber rings used in the bag mouth, and different sewing threads are all performed Inquired, watched and tested on site.

Finally, we went to the Deweide factory to conduct research. Deweide mainly produces dust collectors and mixed high-temperature filter materials. The leaders of the quality department of the Red Lion Cement Group visited the laboratory, the R&D center, the product display center, and the dust collector test bench. In the dust collector test bench and the dust collector processing site, they discussed the working principle, manufacturing and processing accuracy, filtration Exchanges and inquiries about material testing, etc.