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Guide the installation of filter bags and post-condition debugging

Overview of the live scene:

The factory has two 5000T daily production lines, the first line of kiln tail dust collector installed capacity is 5184, a total of 12 cabins, each cabin has 24 rows of blowing pipes, each row of 18 flower plate holes; the filtering area is about 20846m2; Diameter: 164.7-165mm; filter bag specification model: 160*8000mm; use 10 mg high temperature resistant glass fiber coated filter bag (the head and tail lining parts are made of P84 material); the bag cage is 2 sections (with venturi tube) ), stainless steel material, supplied by Xikuang Environmental Protection. The workers installing filter bags on site are Red Lion employees, about 50 people.

Welding work is carried out on the interior of each cabin, and Hengke personnel reconfirmed the size of the plate hole.

Phosphor powder is input from the inspection hole of the circulating fan. The total amount of phosphor powder is 100kg (10*10kg). The fan speed is about 60%. After the phosphor powder is put in, the fan stops for about 8 minutes.

Entry inspection:
1. No damaged filter bag found
2. There are about 5 missing solder joints inside each cabin (repair welding will be arranged afterwards).
The first-line rotary kiln is put into production, and the pressure difference is about 400-450Pa.

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Mar. 29th , 2020


JiuJiang South Cement


Hengke Environmental Protection Technology

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