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Tracking phosphor detection and pre-coating treatment of kiln head and tail filter bag

Overview of the live scene:
The factory is a first-line 5000T production line, kiln tail bag dust collector, installed capacity of 6688, 32 rooms * 209, designed and constructed by West Mine, using Hengke glass fiber filter bags, specifications 160*7000, pattern 168.2, in The installation was completed at the end of June.

Phosphor detection was done on July 2nd. A large number of leaks in the air duct were found during the inspection. At that time, the construction staff worked overtime to repair them. There were still several leaks in the air duct after the second phosphor was done on July 4 , The user was eager to ignite and heat up, and asked the construction staff to come back on July 20. The pre-coating treatment is carried out by the coal mill to produce about 20 tons of limestone powder and the tail exhaust fan is brought into the dust removal equipment.

Kiln head electric bag composite dust collector, installed capacity of 5304 pieces, Hengke glass fiber filter bags, specification 160*7000, 24 rooms*221 pieces, flower board 168.2, the installation will be completed at the end of June, and the phosphor inspection will be done on July 4. A total of 15 filter bags were marked. Among them, 3 filter bags showed signs of light penetration within 50cm of the head of the filter bag.

The other 11 were checked and marked by West Mine personnel, indicating slight signs of powder penetration; another leak was detected Solder joints (corrected for missing solder joints on July 5). Since the rectification of the on-site equipment has not been completed, the pre-gray treatment can only be postponed to the user’s own operation.

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July. 3nd ,2020


HongShi Cement Group


Hengke Environmental Protection Technology

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