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View Instructions for the first-line Kiln Tail Filter Bag for Qiyang Conch

Overview of the live scene:
First-line kiln tail dust collector: installed capacity of 4032 pieces (16 rooms*252), filter bag size 165*8000mm, at the end of 2018, the environmental protection technology of Xi’an West Mine was upgraded, using P84 composite needle felt high temperature filter bag supplied by Sinoma Technology. The filtration wind speed is 0.8m/min. The initial pressure difference is about 1000Pa, and the resistance starts to increase after less than 3 months of use, reaching a maximum of 3000Pa, which has affected various production indicators.

In addition, the site knows: Dust sticking occurs on the air inlet deflector of the dust removal equipment, and the similar situation is abnormal.

Sodium bisulfate: acidic substance, anhydrous, but water-absorbing, soluble in water, and soluble in high temperature (above 158 degrees). Sodium bisulfate is present in the raw material components of cement plants, but the difference between the more and less components of each plant.

Solution to the bag-sticking phenomenon:

1. Try to use a glass fiber coated filter bag. This filter bag is not easy to condense and stick to the powder. Its dust removal efficiency is much higher than that of the needle felt series and uncoated P84 filter material;

2. The user needs to blow water in the mill to increase the humidity when the raw material mill is running. It is recommended to adjust the spray position or reduce the water consumption in similar situations;

3. Try to control the inlet temperature of the dust collector, stop spraying water in the humidification tower to cool down within 160 degrees, and use within 200 degrees.

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Aug. 15th ,2020


Conch Cement Group


Hengke Environmental Protection Technology

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