Chairman of Conch Group and his party visit Hengke

CONCH Cement Visiting Hengke factory to inspect and guide work

Qi Yu, Chairman of Conch Plastics Company, Han Chenggang, Deputy General Manager, Huang Lei, Director of the Security Department, Wu Tengfei, Director of the Quality Department, and Ding Zongrui, the Director of the Security Department, visited the Hengke factory, accompanied by our general manager Wu Tao on Otc.29th.

President Qi and his entourage came to visit, aiming to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the specific conditions of the production line and equipment operation and maintenance matters, including needle-punched felt technology into cloth, glass fiber woven cloth, and needle-punched felt series filter bags and glass fiber filter bags production process .Our Aim is to establish deeper strategic cooperation for both parties.

While visiting the factory, President Qi and his entourage conducted detailed inquiries and records. Highly appreciate the production process and production technology of the factory processing line from raw materials to finished products, and affirm the brand quality of our products in the industry.

Hengke has been cooperating with Conch for more than 20 years. Through this exchange, Hengke and Conch Plastics have established a deeper and more stable strategic cooperative relationship and laid a solid foundation.

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